I've always been a techie

I'm a technologist. I grew up in a radio station, where my father was general manager for more than 50 years. I've worked in radio, cable television, computing, telecommunications, and the cloud.

At the same time, my education is rooted in liberal arts. I am all for STEM in education, but it's been oversold and its utility is limited without communication skills.

Sales by any other name

My smallest sales deal was a basic cable subscription for $7.50. The largest contract was in the tens of millions for cloud computing services to the U.S. General Services Administration. The latter was far more complex and took months instead of minutes, but the same skills were at work. What's more, I've learned that listening is usually better than talking if you want to win the business.

I am proud to have been a member of the DC team for Exodus Communications during the dot com boom. Exodus didn't live long, but we had some remarkable talent. The legacy of our cloud computing leadership lives on today at CenturyLink.

Verizon was my home for a decade. I learned about operations as a crew supervisor, worked on the Telecom Act as a lobbyist, then helped build their Internet presence. They know how to design, construct, and operate networks.

Politics and the glitterati

I've worked for three political figures: Al Gore, Pamela Harriman, and Karen McCarthy. Everyone knows the first, some the second, and far fewer the third.

I still consider it one of the highlights of my life to work for Al. He's a genius and a visionary, and I was thrilled to answer his phones, serve as his systems administrator, and even set up the stereos in his house and in the West Wing. Ultimately I was a fundraiser for his political campaigns. I also got to meet several heroes of mine, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Very cool.

Mrs. Harriman is a legend, and if that's news to you look her up. I was her political liaison to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which means I worked as a fundraiser. Just being in her homes in Georgetown and Middleburg was amazing, but the list of boldface names that circulated still makes my head spin.

Karen McCarthy possessed great political instincts. She was among a handful of people with the foresight and courage to vote against the war in Iraq. Sadly her life was cut short by early Alzheimer's disease.

Bad grammar is costing you money

I work with businesses to increase sales. From servicing existing clients to plowing new ground, I have done it and I know how to close deals.

Take the RFP process as an example. A strong technical solution is a given, but many proposals are unsuccessful because they are poorly written.

Grammatical errors signal imprecision. I am a relentless proofreader, and I can strengthen your sales offerings by improving their readability and accuracy.

Living 1,000 steps from one of the most beautiful college campuses anywhere, it has been a pleasure to call myself an Iowa State graduate student for the last few years. I've investigated topics of interest, especially the processes of innovation and invention, as well as the systems of education here and abroad, especially in Finland.